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A Prayer From The Heart

A Catholic author is hoping her debut book, inspired by her late brother, will enable young children to engage in ‘heartfelt prayer.’

Former nurse, midwife and nursery teacher Tammy Fernando never thought of writing before as a career, but felt ‘suddenly called by God in 2015 to write a story'. The result is ‘A Prayer from the Heart’, a Christian picture book which shows a 6-year-old boy’s prayers being answered.

"My hope is that children who hear this story will realise how intimately God cares for them, that having a personal relationship with God is natural and good, and that the Holy Trinity is faithful to answering the prayer for the desires of their heart,” Tammy told CCR.

“As it says in Psalm 37:4, God can indeed be trusted with what matters to them."

Tammy’s story was partly inspired by the sudden and unexpected passing of her brother, Chris, a doctor who died of broncho-pneumonia and general sepsis aged just 41 in 2008.The characters in ‘A Prayer from the Heart’ are based on Chris and his family.

“My brother Chris was taken from us overnight, and without warning, at the age of 41. He left behind a wife and 3 young children- aged 3, 6 and 7yrs old. It was devastating for us all,” Tammy said. 

“It was 7 years after Chris’s death that God called me to write a story. I didn’t know what I was going to write. When I sat down, I found myself writing a love story. A story in which I was able to bring Chris and his wife together again – and their 3 children, too.”

Tammy Fernando describes the plot in her book as ‘an emotional storyline which takes the reader through times of increasing tension till the protagonist finally receives his answer to prayer.’ 

‘A Prayer from the Heart’ has already attracted positive reviews. One mother and Catholic author of faith-filled fiction books of the same genre said: "’A Prayer from the Heart’ is a wonderful tale of friendship and trust in our all-loving God. The beautiful images and descriptions of the Blessed Trinity that are depicted throughout the story help to explain to children the attributes of the three Divine Persons in a very concrete way. I thoroughly recommend this book to families who are wishing to grow in their faith and love of God."

The book can be bought through Tammy Fernando’s website, where there is further information about the story:


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