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Joy, celebration and love: it's Big Church Festival

By Fr Chris Benyon

I have been involved with Big Church Festival almost from the beginning. Tim Jupp heard of my involvement with young people and contacted me as he wanted to encourage Roman Catholics to take part.

The great thing about the event is that it really is Christian in the best sense of the word. Although aware that it is open to everyone, you are warned to take care, you can  leave bags, chairs, blankets, coats...... on the ground for hours and they will be there when you get back.

The main event has much in common with a music festival except that the songs are all prayer and praise, in a variety of genres, and are interspersed with testimonies, appeals, prayers and talks about the Christian life. There is also a huge marquee devoted to continuous time of prayer and praise and Mass on Sunday morning.

Celebrate has had an area in recent years for prayer, praise and celebration. You will find groups praying or discussing together and will find yourself getting into coversations of every type. Above all there is a real sense of joy, celebration and love for one another with not only  large numbers of committed young people  but people of every age.

It is a time of great encouragement in each person's commitment to being a Christian.


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