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Yoofi Clarke invites us to use our phones and trust the Holy Spirit as we share the Gospel. 

Are you up for a challenge to share your faith?

I am drawn to the shorter version of the story of the two disciples Jesus met on the road to Emmaus after his resurrection in Mark 16:12, where the scriptures say he appeared to them in another form. The two hurried back, and went and told the rest, but they did not believe them. Later, Jesus appeared to the eleven as they were sitting at the table and, although they did not believe at first, Jesus still asked them to go into the whole world and proclaim the good news (Mk. 16: 15). What does this tell us? Despite the doubts we have, or the lack of belief people might have, Jesus still calls us to step out and tell them the good news.If we are willing to obey this commission to share the good news of God’s love with people wherever they are (walking, sitting in their living rooms, kitchens, going through difficulties etc) then Jesus can, and will, appear to them in whatever form is required to transform their hearts. Well, how can we go into the whole world to proclaim this good news to people so that Jesus can appear to them wherever they are? The answer is simple. Mobile phones! Yes, we can use our phones as a tool for evangelisation and that is the challenge that we are setting.


Firstly, spend some time in prayer and ask the Holy Spirit to bring five people in your phone’s contacts list to mind, especially those who perhaps do not know the Lord, or you have not spoken to in a while. Take a moment to listen to the Spirit reveal any words he has for them and call them. Ask how they are doing; then share the word you had for them and offer to pray for them.The second challenge also involves our phones. We speak to people in call centres regularly to sort issues with our utility bills, phone bills, banking etc. Well, this is an opportunity to share God’s love with them. The next time you speak to someone in a call centre, at the end of the call, ask them: “If you had the chance to ask God to do one thing for you, what would it be?” Then offer to pray for them on the phone for that request.'


Both challenges begin with meeting people where they are at and sharing God’s love with them by offering prayer, but it ends with seeds of faith being planted and gives us the opportunity to witness to our faith and ultimately sharing the good news of salvation. Both challenges may sound daunting, but Jesus knows that some will not believe (Mk. 16:16) so do not be worried.I have tried it a few times and, on one occasion, the Lord gave me a word of knowledge for my niece's husband (who is not a believer) and my niece was blown away, as the word resonated with him regarding a bad shoulder, which I prayed for over the phone. Praise God.God rewards our obedience to share our faith and not the outcome. The outcome belongs to Him because He converts the heart, not us. Do write to us to let us know how you got on with these challenges. May the Holy Spirit give you courage, peace, and joy as you share the good news.


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